Monday, August 26, 2013


Two years ago today, Gabriel came into the world and forever changed our lives! He went to visit Dr. Newnam last Wednesday for his 2 year old check up. He measured 36 inches and 31 pounds. He's in the upper ninetieth percentile for his height and upper eighties percentile for his weight. He has grown soooooo fast and just keeps going.

Yesterday, we gave Gabe's high chair to Grandpa and Grandma Jean Swanson before they left our house to go visit Grandma Jean's granddaughter in Arkansas.  Gabe really hadn't climbed into the high chair for a couple of weeks or so. He's been using his "booster" chair on one of our dining room chairs. We call it his "big boy" chair. After they left, I realized that we just crossed another threshold and phase in Gabe's life. He's moving out of the baby stage and into "toddlerhood".  We've already talked about moving his diaper changing table out of his room and giving it to the church. He's getting so big, it's becoming a real challenge to lift him up to the top of the changing table.

I can't believe it has been two years already. Two years ago he would lay in the palm of my hand and his head reached by elbow. Now he is half as tall as me! Two years ago, it was tiny little bottles of formula every couple of hours. Now he devours green beans, broccoli, milk, pork sausage and a lot of Cheerios!

Enjoy the party!

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