Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chosen! - but not selected

the Word of God tells me that he knew me even before I was born. I was "chosen" to be an heir in the kingdom God established untold millenia ago. There is a people who "chose" to covenant with Jehovah and by doing so became His "chosen people". They hold a special place in His heart. I do not come from the Jewish lineage and had no hope of inclusion in this special relationship. Ahhh, but Lord God Jehovah in His infinite wisdom devised another plan borne out of His immeasurable love for humanity. He "chose" to cut a new covenant and open up to all of humanity the opportunity to obtain "special" relationship status.

A part of "cutting a covenant" with God is that an exchange has to take place - one life force for another life force. In ancient Jewish tradition, a sacrificial lamb had to be slain and offered upon an alter to atone for the sins or shortcomings of the people. The life force of the lamb, the blood, was drained from its body; and exchanged for a restored right relationship with Lord God Jehovah. He chose to send His one and only Son to earth to accomplish this plan. His Son, Jesus, was born, lived and walked among us. He performed more miracles than can be chronicled. He was the "chosen One" destined to become the sacrifcial lamb that would shed His blood to cover our sins and restore us to right relationship with God.

I became "chosen" when I made the choice to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. As Tamala & I have been walking through this adoption experience we have had our names included with many other families to be considered as the adoptive family for several different children. We have always been and will always be "chosen" however we haven't been selected as "the adoptive parents" for any children. I see these as two very different processes. I believe that when we are selected and we establish a family, we will be able to teach our children how valuable and precious they are and what it means to be "chosen". They will come to know and understand how God orchestrated the entire process of creating our family. We recently had our name in to be considered for three little brothers, we were not selected. We are fully trusting that God is going to bring into our lives the children He wants us to parent. What a day of rejoicing that will be when we have been selected. We ARE "chosen", we just haven't been selected......yet!