Wednesday, April 11, 2012

6 month check up, jobs, a new home and cutting teeth

Okay, it's been another two months since the last post so I'll just skip the apology. It is what it is! So Grampie and me made the executive decision to go ahead and bring Mommy down here permanently the weekend of the Feb. 17th. It just so happened that Mommy and Daddy started their respective jobs on the exact same day,  March 19th. Mommy went to work as a housekeeper at Oklahoma Methodist Manor and Daddy went to work as a dispatcher for Coca-Cola Refreshments.  They also found a house to buy on 3 acres just north of Rogers State University in Claremore, OK.  It's really a beautiful place. We close on Friday April 27th and can't wait to move in.

We took Gabriel to his six month check up a couple weeks past his six month date because of the move and all; but both Mommy and Daddy were able to go. We went to Dr. Michael Newnam and he passed with flying colors. He measured 27" and 15lbs 14oz. which was a gain of 1/2 inch and 4 oz. I asked Doc about only a 4oz weight gain and he explained that Gabe is a lot more active now and burning more calories. I had to agree with that statement. He's in a constant state of motion it seems. Doc said he's in the 25th percentile for his weight yet still in the normal range.

He started eating solid foods at six months and has been steadily increasing. At six months 5.5 oz and now he's downing 7oz. He likes green beans, peas, carrots, squash, mac & cheese, and all the fruits. So he's NOT a picky eater. It's funny to watch him because he "lunges" at the spoon with food on it. If you're not feeding quite fast enough he lets you know about by hollering out loud.

Today, Easter Sunday, he's really made great progress in sitting up by himself. He can sit up and when he begins to teeter he can correct himself. He has also got to the point where he can turn himself over really easy when laying on his tummy onto his back and of course he can flip over from his back to his tummy. When you lay him in the crib just after you rock him to sleep he usually rolls over onto his right side.

Gabe started drooling pretty heavily when he turned four months. People told us that is a sign that the teething process is beginning.  The first tooth broke through on  March 24th and the second one was April 3rd; both on the bottom in the front.

So I know you're all ready for pics. Here you go-
I like wearing my Daddy's hat.