Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A season of Thanksgiving

This is a few days late; however EVERY day is reason enough to utter a word of "thanks" to the Father for granting us one more day. Thanksgiving 2011 had an entirely different meaning for us. Looking back, it all began back in February when we "got the call" asking if we would consider adopting an unborn baby. This was a call we'd been waiting on for nearly four years!

Then there was the "change up" thrown at me in mid-April when I lost my job. But Jehovah Jirah, our Provider, showed up more times than we could count over the next several months. We never missed a bill, always had gas money, never went without! All of our needs were met, on time, every time! I sold my pickup truck within 15 minutes of listing it on Craigslist and got the full asking price out of the buyer. He never tried to haggle with me - he really liked the truck and paid in CASH! Even during a time when the money was even close to what we were used to making, the adoption expenses started coming in and every expense was met, on time every time! God supplied me a temporary job at exactly the right time for the income to be listed on paperwork that was being submitted to the Judge who would be the one to grant the adoption.

Albeit we lost our Shirley Lou in early August, I am still thankful that God gave her as my second "Mama". She was a stalwart in the faith! I am thankful that she leaves behind a legacy of faith!

Then baby Gabriel made his entrance into the world and right into our hearts the night of August 26th. He finally arrived and was BEAUTIFUL! He's here, healthy and perfect in every way. It was like the circle of life was starting over again after putting Aunt Shirley to rest and then welcoming this new little life into our hearts.

There has been intermittent sleep, spit ups, wet diapers, dirty diapers, lots of dirty clothes, baby toys, baby furniture, baby this and baby that; ALL for which I am MOST thankful!

October 11th is a special day in our family now. It is officially "GOTCHA" day! The day that we went before the Judge and he made everything official by signing the Order and declaring that this baby boy would now be known as GABRIEL JUDAH PALMER. As he was making this declaration, I held my breath and time stood absolutely still. Finally, I could truly breathe again because he was ours, wholly, completely and legally.
We have a son and his name means: Strong man of God, full of Praise, and a Palm bearing Christian.

This past Sunday during our time of worship, I simply had to scoop Gabe up from Mommy's arms and take him down to the alter. There I knelt down to give God "thanks" for the gift that He has given to Tamala and I. There simply wasn't a word that I could utter that could sufficiently render proper thanks to the Father. It came in the form of groaning and weeping and offering this baby back to Him who has entrusted this little one to us. It was caught on film by our church photographer -

Fifty years! It has been fifty years of waiting. Fifty years of hearing people tell me what a great Daddy I would be. Fifity years of wondering if and when it will happen. To this day, some three and a half months after Gabriel came to us I look at him and am in absolute amazement! Please don't anyone pinch me because if I were to wake up and find out I'd been dreaming this, I don't think I would be able to go on. I am so completely in love with this baby boy that life will never be the same.

When I offered a prayer of Thanksgiving over our Thanksgiving meal with our family, I was overcome with emotion because of ALL the wonderous miracles we'd experienced this past year. I was also begging God to have mercy on our nation because of all the tens of millions of babies who have been aborted over the last four decades, of the rampant sin and lawlessness. The recent earthquakes in Oklahoma, ravaging tornadoes earlier in the spring and summer and devasting hurricanes all point to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I ask God to have mercy on our arrogant nation who snubs their nose at Him and takes His name in vain that He will withhold His wrath and judgement from us. I know the stench of wickedness in our nation is something He abhors.

I am thankful for my family, my church family and my Pastors! 

I think it absolutely fitting to share this YouTube selection with you again. I've shared it before, but I'm sharing it again, because I AM GRATEFUL!

Are you.......GRATEFUL?


Friday, November 11, 2011

the power of one's Personal Testimony

Just a quick note to encourage you to give a quick view to the YouTube link I am posting here. The Worship Center of Kansas City, my home church, had their 1st "Cardboard Testimony" service last year and it was a powerful presentation. This past Sunday, we had our 2nd one and due to the huge support it's recieved they've decided to make it an annual event.

Watch closely, you may see someone you know. Turn on your speakers and try to maximize to the full screen option to watch the video if you can for better effect -


Never underestimate the powerful effect your personal testimony may have upon another individual. I've received numerous comments from folks throughout our fellowship of how powerfully impacted they were to learn of my testimony. Remember God can turn your "test" in a "Testimony" for His glory if you only allow Him to work through you.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Newest picture of Gabriel

I couldn't resist, I had to put this one up on the blog.