Friday, December 31, 2010

Meanderings -

This is what happens when I have a few spare moments, the mind shifts into another dimension and begins to ponder the status of humanity. It seems to me humanity should be charged with gross negligence and far more serious crimes against…..itself! Yes, against itself. This could almost be an operative definition of an oxy-moron.

I was relishing an exquisite sunset one evening while driving home. The western sky was a brilliant red! All of the sudden my mind did a “180” when it threw this thought into the ring…..the red is a reflection from an enormous lake of blood from aborted babies over the last few decades! Sobering thought isn’t it? Perhaps this arose out of my spirit. I could almost hear the cry of babies that were never given a chance. I also thought of the picture that is painted in the book of Revelation in the Bible that says that during the battle of Armageddon that blood will run as high as bridles on horses. This may not be the exact book or metaphor but the premise is that the bloodshed will be immense. What raced through my mind is that perhaps we’re already there.

I remember about 6 years ago, after having just moved to Kansas City, I opened the Yellow Pages in the phone book to look for something. I think I was going to try to look up an attorney that I went to college with at ORU. Well I began thumbing from the beginning of the “A”s when I happened upon a full page ad from an abortion clinic. A FULL PAGE ad, and the whole staff was there in a group, all of them were smiling! I was INCREDULOUS! After a couple minutes and the shock began to wear off that is when my blood began to boil. How brazen! I couldn’t believe they were so shameless as to allow all their faces to be shown and published. “Dear Jesus, what have we reduced ourselves to?”

If you will go to and search for Aaron Russo, listen to several of the selections there. He unwraps many things happening in today’s world that have obvious scriptural overtones to them. In one video he talks about how a select few, extremely wealthy families in the world truly run the world. He shares about a conversation he had with one of the Rockefellers and how their goal is to reduce the world’s population from 6 billion down to 1 billion. This whole supposition sheds a different light on the abortion “business” doesn’t it?

World hunger – one of my spiritual mentors, Papa Jones, shared with me a few years ago a conversation he had with God in days gone by. He was asking God why there are so many people in the world going without food. The Holy Spirit spoke to him in only the way the Holy Spirit can and said something like “Son, I’ve provided enough food on earth to more than feed every single person I’ve created”. Now that is completely believable to me. It is mankind, because of greed, that does not reach out and share the natural abundance God has given us. How easily the greedy forget that it could have been them that were born into abject poverty in some remote village well beyond reach of contemporary urban cores. Perhaps the greedy ones are the absolute weakest among us! God knew in His infinite wisdom those individuals were too weak to endure the hardships of poverty and arranged for the truly stalwarts among us to bear this burden; just a thought.

How much more wicked could places like Sodom and Gomorrah have been in comparison to society today? To think, God tired of the wickedness and obliterated those places from the face of the earth. Signs of the times, earthquakes and other freak natural occurrences all are indicative of the eminent return of Jesus. Sometimes I feel like we’re a breath away from God the Father turning to God the Son and saying “Now. Go get them now.” Please come quickly Lord Jesus.

Things always considered to be right up to now, are being considered as wrong. Things once considered vile or to be a scourge on a people are now considered to be the norm.

It’s not that I’m in a particularly dark and contemplative mood, these are the things that have been simmering for quite some time in my heart and mind.
I see beauty all around me. I am continually reminded of omnipotence of God when I look at and consider His creation. When I read in the book of Revelation of what He has done for us and prepared for us I am in amazement of His love for us.
This is probably enough for now. Look up for your redemption draws near! Watch the sky because you never know from behind one of those clouds the sky could begin to peel back and the trumpet of heaven will begin to sound! Life will really begin at that moment!

new "digs"

Mama T and I have finally sold our home and moved to an apartment in Lenexa, KS. Albeit I’ve tripled the mileage for my commute to work, Mama T is now only commuting about 2.5 miles! She’s really enjoying that part. Mine isn’t so bad, it still isn’t even close to when I used to commute 55 miles one way several years ago when I worked in Joplin.

God’s provision – He never ceases to amaze me. Look at what God did: He led us to an apartment complex that happened to have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, all on ground level, double car (attached) garage, the pool and clubhouse are just outside our patio door. Another really great aspect of our new home is that we’re only about 5 miles or less to our place of worship! It only takes us about 8 minutes now instead of 20 to 25 minutes to drive to church!

The main thing is that we’ve rid ourselves of the “money pit” and have moved out of the “HOOD”! Hallelujah!