Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hither and yon - meanderings betwixt the ears

It is a relaxing evening here in KC. I started burning what wood I've had left in my wood pile from a tree we cut down three years ago I think. I started burning this last weekend and just this evening I put the last few logs on top of the coals that were still smoldering. There is something about the aroma of burning wood wafting through the neighborhood that makes me think of Fall. Fall means cooler temps! Cooler temps means it won't be so miserable outside when you want to be doing things outside. We walked out about a week ago early in the morning and it was incredibly cool! I told Tamala as we were about to climb into our vehicles it felt like it must be in the 60s. Sure enough I checked and it was exactly 60 degrees. It felt wonderful! I think the high that day made it only to about 78 degrees.

A realtor showed our home last Wednesday to a lady from Colorado. The feedback we received was she told the realtor we have a beautiful home and that ours made "the short list"! She is apparently going to come back in September again and look some more.

Since we actually put it on the market and have had a couple of open houses, all the major stuff we needed to get done was finished. I have to admit that I've had a real struggle trying to get my motivation back to do some of the small things that can be done i.e. changing the electrical switch plates, re-painting the window latches, even painting the trim in the small downstairs spare bedroom. We worked for five long months on it practically every day and I just wore myself out on all of it. I used up two weeks of my three weeks of vacation to work on the house. Don't they call those "staycations"? We just lowered the price by $2500 last week so it will begin showing up in a lower price bracket in case folks that don't want to spend more than $125K will begin seeing our house.

Well, Tamala has had her new vehicle for one week now. She ended up with a 2002 Toyota Highlander with leather seats (heated), a sun/moon roof, nice stereo 6 disc CD changer, etc. I haven't looked up the official color of it but let's call it a deep Hunter Green. She said it has taken some getting used to driving it because she sets up so much higher than she did in the Toyota Corolla. She likes it because she can "see" now over many of the vehicles around her. I know I certainly feel better knowing that she is driving a much bigger and safer vehicle. This has been the first vehicle we bought together since we got married nearly 5.5 years ago. Her car was ten years old and mine is 8 years old. I still don't have even 120,000 miles on mine yet; it blows cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter so I'm good with that.
I have to admit, we test drove a couple of Mercedes Benz that were in our price range and let me tell you - they were one "sweet" drive. I kind of brought back memories of when I owned my Porsche 944S in the early 90s. I told Tamala those cars are actually "fun" to drive! I think that may have started an itch I may need to scratch in the next couple of years.

Well, I think I've wandered down a few short rabbit trails during this posting and should probably get onto something more productive. Before long, I'll begin the tedious task of examining the backs of my eyelids for the slightest of pin holes that would allow light to come flooding in. I'm not quite sure what I'd do if I found one, all I know is that it must be done without fail. It is an arduous task that has become a nightly ritual, one that takes me about 8 hours to complete. I just wish I could figure out a way to get paid to perform such a task. I'm the perfect employee; I show up every night and report for duty - WITHOUT fail! Never in all my almost 50 years have I ever NOT reported to this job. I have perfect attendance.

Good grief, now I've fallen off the cliff and into the abyss of - deliriousness!

Blessings! Shalom.

Monday, August 9, 2010

CRUNCH! a time to say good bye

I had just spoken to Tamala a couple of minutes before she called me again last Tuesday, August 3rd. I could tell instantly when I heard her voice that something was wrong.

She said "I've just been in an accident." I asked if she was okay and she said her chest was hurting. I asked where she was and I'd call 911. I called 911 and they told me someone had already called and an ambulance was already dispatched and the KS Highway Patrol was enroute as well.

Long story short - she was coming home from work and on an entrance ramp to I-35 (the most heavily traveled road in all of Kansas City). Of course she was checking over her left shoulder to get a glimpse of oncoming traffic......BAMMMMM! the vehicles in front of her began slamming on their brakes and before she could react much she hit the guy in front of her. It was a BMW SUV. He was very kind and thoughtful to her after the whole ordeal by asking her to get into his vehicle until help arrived.

So, I drop what I was doing at the office and begin trying to thread my way to the scene of the accident in rush hour traffic. I'm taking back streets and trying not to speed.

When I was just several blocks from the crash the ambulance attendant called me and and told me they were taking her to Shawnee Mission Medical Center. So, I do a 180 and head the ER. I get there and walk into her room and here she is strapped to a body board with a neck brace on and her head is even strapped to where it cannot move.

After some examinations and x-rays they release her to go home and we head for the Walgreen store not too far from the house.

She had some bruises and abrasions mostly from the seat belt, and soreness beyond belief. She is on the mend. We're currently considering what kind of vehicle to get for her. We knew by Wednesday evening the insurance company declared her car a total loss. You can see why:

Mom and Dad began heading up to KC Wednesday morning about 3:15am so they could keep an eye on Tamala while I was working. They took her to the Doctor. I went Wednesday morning to the tow yard and got all of her personal things out of the car. When I first saw it I figured it was a gonner!

So the insurance check is in the mail, we're on the hunt for another vehicle and now it's time to say goodbye to something we've had since we got married and Tamala has had about nine years.