Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas with YaYa, Papa and Sissy

YaYa, Papa, Sissy and cousin Olivia came over Saturday evening and brought presents! We had a great time!

Olivia looks on as Kimmie holds me with YaYa supervising

Kimmie holds me tight!

Kimmie givin' me a kiss

me and cousin Olivia

PaPa, me, YaYa and Kimmie (who was gettin tired)

PaPa, me, YaYa and cousin Olivia!

Love my YaYa, PaPa and Sister!

I have a "VOICE" and it's fun!

We noticed yesterday that Gabriel was making some new sounds what seemed to be just for the sake of hearing himself. I've been trying to catch it on video but as soon as he sees the camera he stops and just looks at the camera. I'll have to go into "stealth" mode; but I WILL get him doing it. It's PRICELESS!

Here is a small sample:
Give a listen!