Saturday, March 13, 2010

To sell or not to sell......

Unload that baby!

Well Mama T and I have decided to test the waters in the real estate market by listing our home with a realtor. So the Palmerosa of KC is now officially in a state of "limbo".

Our home is no longer ours but is now a "product" we have to sell on the open market. You have to "de-personalize" the space to make it more attractive to a wider base of buyers.

So, I've taken the next week off, using vacation time, to begin the process of not only doing some light re-modeling but also begin the packing process for our move.

The drywall guy is coming Monday at 9am to fix things like this:

This was a clock installed into the kitchen wall no telling how many years, or even decades ago. It is coming out and will be patched up and painted over.

I was really proud of Mama T last night because began digging into her closet to "pare down" the amount of cloths in her closet. One of the tricks of the trade is that we have to create the "illusion" that their is an abundance of closet space. The real estate folks told us to cut it down to 1/3 of the amount in the closet.

here is a pic of part of her closet after her hard work. (take note that all the clothes are hung on the same color hangers and collars are to be turned the same direction!)

Anyway, we gotta run...there's work to be done: paint fling, boards to cut, windows to scrape and wash, dishes to pack.....I'm tired already and it's not even 9am.

I may just have to stop by the toy store a little later today to buy a toy or two. For those who aren't "in the know" that's Kevin-speak for Lowes or Home Depot (toy store) and a miter saw or ladder would be the "toys"!

You can agree with Mama T and I that we will find favor with buyers and they will pay full market value or above! God is able....I trust Him.

Buy "oops"..... bye for now.