Wednesday, September 2, 2015

update on a four year old

Here we are 2 years later.  Gabe just turned four. Since the last post, he has been potty trained, and so many more things. He had to have a wide brimmed hat to ride the tractor-mower with Dad so I bought him this cowboy hat. He loves to ride the tractor with me. He always asks if we can go mow. He's now wearing a 4T in clothes and a size 12 shoe.  He likes to trace letters in his dry erase book, loves to hear me read Bible stories off my cell phone - or loves to be read to from just about any book around.

I've been telling myself I need to write in my blog because he has several "Gabe-isms" that are uniquely his creations.

He loves his Mama's ganana (banana) bread. He also loves a nice "gaprise" (surprise)!

We started a little game a few weeks ago - I will say "I love you Gabriel" and he responds "I love you too Daddy", then I say "I love you more" and he used to say "I love you most" but I got to say it once and he said "I love you most-est" then he started saying "most-ester". Yes, he has quite an imagination. He has an imaginary brother named Ronny.

His Mama has posted plenty of pics on her Facebook account over the last two years.