Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All I need now is my favorite drink and a foot stool. Too bad this thing doesn't recline. Hey wait a minute..."Hey Daddy, can you buy me....."

Well we closed on our new home place back in late April 2012. Three acres with a creek fed pond, small barn, wonderful three bedroom house and fenced back yard. Here is Gabe at the entrance of our new place checking things out.
Shore is hot out here!

He'd been doin' some raking and hoeing around the place tryin' to keep this tidy. He's SO helpful.
Strollin' up the lane    

Gabe loves to stroll up the lane for his next big adventure. Of course you always have to carry a big stick along!

He's wearin' his waffle stomper boots, John Deere overalls that Grammie bought him, a jean jacket and his ball cap.

Here's a close up.
He is startin his treck by crossin the railroad tie bridge that crosses the creek.

He figured he'd better check the wheel bearings to make sure they have plenty of grease before stickin 'em onto the wagon.

check me out

It's been quite a day workin around the place. You may be askin if the front of his overalls is soaked with sweat? You'd think so; but no it's just sweet Gabey syrup. (baby slobber for y'all not in the know).  Gotta love this boy!

Man, don't ya hate it when the wind blows your hat off! You gotta reach all the way to the ground, all 26 inches to pick it up again.

 Grammie and Gabe takin in a movie at the house. They're real buddies these days.

Livin' large in my easy chair watching one of my favorite movies "Once Upon a Forest"
Grampie came to visit and is readin me a story.

Sometimes you just have to get in close to catch all the action.

Thomas the Train - Toot Toot!

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